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Our lawn care program is designed to fertilize and revitalize your lawn over the course of six treatments that last throughout the growing season.

Early Spring A slow-release fertilizer and pre-emergent. If there are insects on your lawn, we’ll let you know if they need to be treated and take care of them.

Late Spring Another application of slow-release fertilizer and pre-emergent. We will add insecticide if needed.

Mid-Summer Includes slow-release fertilizer and insecticide for grub control. This will boost the health of your lawn during the warm season and ensure that the progress won’t be stopped by grubs or other insects.

Late Summer In late July and August, slow-release fertilizer and potash will be applied to help with drought stress and disease repair.

Early Fall Occurs between September and mid-October with a heavier, fast-acting late summer fertilizer that helps repair damage from the past year. We will also apply insecticides if grubs are active.

Late Fall/Pre-Winter In late October, lasting through November, we will apply a winterizing fertilizer to protect your turf from the harsh weather in the winter months and promote beautiful green color in the spring.

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Weed Control & Prevention

Weed Control

Sunset Lawns offers a broadleaf weed control program that we will apply twice a year, both in the spring and the fall. This strategy will help control new weeds in the spring.


Here at Sunset, we know that the prevention of weeds can create the best lawn overall. We always recommend that customers with an existing weed issue sign up for our lawn fertilization program to keep their yard weed-free. Weed prevention is completed through steps one and two of our weed control program!

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Seeding and Aeration Services


Naturalized aeration is a new service that Sunset Lawns is offering in 2021. That’s right, a brand new service for our customers. For naturalized aeration, our team will utilize a granular product called C20. This product is a top-of-the-line material that is different than fertilizer or compost, it is an all-natural product that is spread onto the lawn and is activated when watered into it. C20 will also stimulate the microbes in the soil and it can be applied any time your turf is actively growing!


Drill seeding is normally recommended for lawns with large, bare areas that need to be filled in. When assessing your lawn, if there are particularly bad areas, we can even do some dormant seeding. When dormant seeding is necessary, it is usually done after Thanksgiving because that’s when your turf is likely to be in a dormant state.


Mechanical aeration is usually paired with overseeding to revitalize the lawn, but overseeding can be offered alone – referred to as dormant seeding. The results of overseeding are generally better when paired with mechanical aeration.

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