Is Your Omaha Area Yard in Need of Fall Aeration?

Summers can be rough on our Omaha lawns, and for a good reason. Summer here is a time for hanging outside entertaining, playing games, having picnics, and enjoying life. With that comes heavy lawn equipment, excessive foot traffic, and sometimes our boats and vehicles end up on our lawns. Add this to the heat from the sun, and all of this wear and tear can make your grass look tired and fatigued.

Fortunately, your turf is probably just suffering from excessive thatch and/or soil compaction, and there is a solution. Read on to learn how to tell if your yard needs fall aeration, what aeration is and how it may benefit your property’s grass. core aerated lawn

What Is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of creating holes throughout your grass to redistribute the soil. This process allows air, water, oxygen, and nutrients to permeate the roots of your soil. Aeration can be done by poking holes in your lawn with a machine called an aerator or by liquid granulation that stimulates the microbes in the ground. Both processes rejuvenate the grass and increase its health and vitality.

Why Would My Omaha Lawn Need To Be Aerated?

When your soil becomes compacted, or your grass has an excess amount of thatch, it can suffocate the roots. Soil compaction is often caused by heavy traffic like mentioned above or even climate stressors, and it doesn’t allow water, nutrients, or even air to pass through it to get to your roots. If your roots can’t receive these vital elements, your grass will wither, weaken, and exhibit signs of drought.

How Can I Tell if My Grass Is Suffering From Soil Compaction?

Compacted soil can look and feel like many other lawn conditions. You can perform your own do-it-yourself soil test by placing a screwdriver into the ground. If it’s dry and does not penetrate the earth easily, your soil is probably compacted. There are a few telltale signs to look for, including:

  • Bare or patchy areas of grass
  • Spongy grass that feels soft when you walk on it
  • Pooling areas of water in your yard
  • Stunted growth of plants
  • Hard soil

Additional Benefits of Aeration

Aeration can help alleviate this condition. But that’s not all aeration can is beneficial for. It offers an array of benefits for your lawn, including help with weeds. When aeration opens up your grass, it creates the ideal environment to be receptive to weed control products. By applying one last weed control in the fall, you’ll give your yard a running start the following spring – when weeds are ramping up their invasion of our lawns. Other benefits of aeration include:

  • More profound, stronger root growth
  • Thicker, healthier grass
  • Grass will grow much easier
  • Bald and thinning patches filled in
  • A breakdown in thatch build-up
  • A reduction in water runoff
  • A healthier, more substantial yard

When Is the Best Time to Aerate?

Aeration can be performed in either spring or fall. However, if having mechanical or traditional aeration performed, we recommend having it performed starting now through October as this tends to produce the best results. Mechanical aeration works best when overseeding is utilized directly after.

What Is Overseeding

So now you know what aeration is, why it’s beneficial and how to determine if your lawn is in need, but what about this overseeding we mention. Overseeding is the introduction of new types of grass seed to the existing lawn with other strains of grass. While it can be performed alone, it is typically done directly after aeration and helps to increase the health and vitality of your lawn. Overseeding can help fill in any bares pots, enhance appearance and color, and create thicker grass to fend off weed growth. hand overseeding lawn

Sunset Lawns Introduces New Naturalized Aeration Service

At Sunset Lawns, we provide both aeration and overseeding services together or alone. New this year; we are offering a naturalized aeration service that uses a granular product called C20. Made of all-natural elements, this product is top-of-the-line material that we spread onto the lawn. It becomes activated when water or rain is applied and stimulates the microbes within your soil. You can use it anytime your turf is growing. However, we recommend having it performed in April or around Labor Day.

Looking for Mechanical Aeration? Sunset Lawns Is the Answer to All Your Lawn Care Needs

Right now is the perfect time to invest in our mechanical or traditional aeration service. As fall approaches and summer comes to an end, take back your yard by giving it the revitalization it needs.

Learn more about all three of these services by visiting our website, filling our online contact form, or calling us now. You can reach us at 402-537-8030.