Keep These Creepy Crawlies Out Of Your Home This Fall And Winter

With the onset of fall weather, you might have noticed a greater number of bugs in your home. Everyone experiences the occasional spider, but if you’ve noticed several in the last few weeks, you’re not alone. Bugs will seek shelter in our warm homes as the weather gets cooler. Having bugs as frequent, unwanted guests in your home can make you feel uneasy. Home should be where you can relax and forget about your troubles – not be surprised and disgusted by bugs. If you’re tired of swatting centipedes and spotting spiders in your Nebraska home, we have the solution. Perimeter pest control will take care of these insect invaders.

Guard Your Home Against Bugs With Perimeter Pest Controlpest spray being applied to a window sill

How Perimeter Pest Control Works

If you’re not familiar with the term, perimeter pest control is a treatment that sets up a barrier around the outside of your home. Our staff will do this using a specialized blend of products that will kill dozens of different kinds of bugs that attempt to get inside. Once dry, the invisible barrier will last for weeks before needing to be reapplied, and it’s even waterproof. This barrier leaves a chemical residue that kills bugs that cross it, stopping bugs in their tracks!

Our Pest Control Works Against These Bugs


While most spiders are creepy, some can be dangerous. Nebraska is home to both the black widow and brown recluse – two spiders that have dangerous venom. So beyond the “eek!” factor, your fear of having spiders in your home is very justified. Fortunately, spiders are one of the most common bugs that will meet their end if they cross the insecticide barrier.


Millipedes may not look as menacing as their cousins, the centipedes, but if you’ve spotted one in your home, you should give us a call. Even though they’re harmless, as the saying goes, where there’s one, there’s more. Millipedes like to travel in groups, and so if you spot one millipede, it’s probably not a fluke. They’re a great bug to have in your garden, where their activity creates an abundance of natural compost; however, inside, they can give you quite the scare. They’re one of the largest bugs you might find inside!


Like millipedes, centipedes are not one of the bugs that are outright dangerous to have indoors. That being said, they are certainly one of the grossest. Their legs and antennae look threatening, and they can scurry quickly, making squishing them difficult. There are some documented cases where centipedes have bitten someone, but it was only because they were attempting to handle the bug or stepped on it barefoot. Children and pets are more susceptible to centipede bites, which are reported to feel like bee stings because they might try to mess with these bugs. Next to spiders, centipedes are probably the most hated bug that people find in their homes. But you won’t have to worry if you get pest control!


Cockroaches are one of the oldest critters on the planet – first appearing some 300 million years ago. As such, they are masters of survival, which makes eradicating them from your home difficult. While they don’t have venomous bites like black widows or brown recluses, they can still pose a significant health risk. Once inside, roaches will have to go to the bathroom somewhere, and as gross as that is, it’s their fecal matter that causes health problems for humans. Their presence can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions in humans. They will turn your clean, tidy home into a den of disgusting. And because they can fit into tiny nooks and crannies, it’s nearly impossible to spot every single hiding place. That’s why perimeter pest control is so brilliant. Our spray will settle into the smallest areas, so you have complete protection.silverfish


No, this isn’t a fish that can somehow survive on land. Silverfish are bugs, and they’re named for their silvery exoskeletons that look like shiny fish scales. They’re prone to lurking in attics or basements, and they love to gnaw on paper – be that important documents, books, etc. It can be tricky to spot them since they’re active at night, and like centipedes, they are pretty fast and will quickly run away if startled. Keep your paper possessions safe from these hungry critters with a perimeter pest control treatment!


They could be the tiny black ants you find on your countertop or larger carpenter ants. Either one is not good to have indoors. The smaller ants, called pavement ants, will go after any scrap of food they can find – including the food from your pet’s bowl. Carpenter ants do not eat wood fibers, like termites, but they will burrow into things like shelving, furniture, and walls. They use wood to create tunnels where they can travel safely, without the threat of predators. They have no scruples about ruining your grandmother’s dining table or the studs in your walls.


We don’t have to tell you how creepy these buggers are. Their giant pincers are terrifying! The name alone is enough to invoke shivers. While they’re creepy, you should know that earwigs don’t lay eggs in your ear. That’s just an old wives’ tale. They will go after your houseplants if you’re not proactive about pest control, though. The last thing you want is for earwigs to ruin the appearance of your most ornamental plants!

Protect Your Home From Creep Crawlies – Call Sunset Lawns!

If you’re looking for pest control near Omaha, you’ve come to the right place. At Sunset Lawns, we offer perimeter pest control to keep all the gross bugs out of your home. Our team brings over 40 years of expertise to the table, so you can rest assured we’ll get the job done quickly and accurately. If you’re tired of dealing with bugs, give us a call! 402-537-8030, or you can reach us through our online form here. If you’re curious about other pest control topics, you can check out our monthly blog page here.