Tips for Keeping Pesky Insects Outside Your Council Bluffs Home

No one wants pests as roommates or coworkers, so it’s up to us to figure out how to keep them from breaking and entering. Inside and out, there are many ways to prevent attracting spiders, ants, and bugs alike including a few do-it-yourself ideas and investing in perimeter pest control.  Here are a few ways to help keep pests out of your Council Bluffs home.

Ways to Make Your Council Bluff Home Less Accessible to Pests

Just like us, pests desire food and shelter, but they definitely don’t belong in our homes. So, how can we make it less accessible for them?man taking trash out

  • Store any food in a tight container. You may have to make some adjustments and opt for these over the packaging your food originally comes in. 
  • Avoid letting your garbage sit out. We know that it can be tempting to walk past an overflowing trash can, and tell yourself that you’ll “do it later.” Instead, dispose of your trash with a tight lid when it becomes full. You’ll also want to get into the habit of cleaning out your trash bins regularly, especially if leaking occurs. 
  • Clean up after you eat. Wipe up crumbs and spills as quickly as possible, and try to avoid eating in multiple areas in your home. Limiting your food consumption to just one area of the house ensures that you have less to worry about. When you’re done eating, wash your dishes, and put them into the dishwasher promptly.
  • Have a clear view of your floor and countertops. Don’t fall into the habit of letting clutter take over your home. Reduce your clutter, and the likelihood of pests hiding in your home by cleaning up on a regular basis. The last thing you want is bugs reproducing in large numbers before you even notice that they’re there. At this point, it becomes increasingly difficult to get rid of them.

Stop Pests From Getting In

Now that we’ve learned how to manage pests inside the home let’s talk about what we can do to prevent them from getting there in the first place.

  • Seal any holes or cracks where bugs can make their way into your home. ThoughtCo. recommends installing tight-fitting thresholds and door sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors, as well as door seals to fill in the cracks. 
  • Replace worn screens. Your screens may have warped over time and provide an easier entry for bugs into the home as a result.
  • Though it might seem like an obvious one, check your door before you enter your home. Make sure there are no pests looking to follow you in.
  • Maintain your lawn. Get rid of leaf piles and debris, as this is one of the best hiding spots for bugs. You’ll also want to look out for pooled water, which can be eliminated by aerating your lawn. Insects such as mosquitoes can’t breed without a water supply, so taking care of this problem can dramatically lessen the chances of a bug infestation.
  • Limit the contact between your house and trees. Tree limbs that come in contact with your home can make an easy access point for bugs. The same goes for shrubs, rocks, and mulch that sit close to the perimeter. Inspect these areas regularly, trim them as necessary, and tidy up the surrounding areas. peppermint oil

Use of Natural and Common Household Items for Pest Control

If you’re looking to keep the situation under control with common household items, Nature’s Nurture recommends:

  • White vinegar is a great agent for pest control. Follow these steps from Hunker on how to use vinegar as a bug-deterrent.
  • Herbs such as mint, lemongrass, and citronella plants effectively keep bugs out when placing them near the entrances of your home. Cucumbers and cinnamon will also have a similar effect.
  • Peppermint oil can be used in conjunction with water to keep spiders out, as they hate this essential oil. The best part is that this is totally safe for pets and children!
  • Citrus peels are great for keeping away spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. You’ll need to rub the peels on doorways, windowsills, and any other problem areas. The oil derived from this peel contains limonene, which is deadly to fleas, fire ants, and flies. You can also place orange peels around your garden.

Keep Insects Out of Your Council Bluffs Home with Sunset Lawns Perimeter Pest Control Program

At Sunset Lawns, we offer perimeter pest control as part of our lawn care services in Council Bluffs. From spring to fall, our professionals will visit you three times per year to provide pest protection around the perimeter of your home or place of work. We’ll help protect you and your home from any bugs looking to break their way in. If you’re ready to get rid of pests long-term, fill out our form here, or call us at 402-537-8030!

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